About Us

About Us

Welcome to Nefarious Services we are a United States based legitimate Revenge for Hire, Ethical Hacking Services. We are made up of High-level Assassins, IT Engineers, Network Programmers, and Hackers, Special Ops, Scientists, Chemists, Doctors, Lawyers, You get the Drift and last but not least High Profile & Celebrities. We have few hundreds agents 10 countries.

We specialize in Revenge, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Black Mail, Cyber Fraud, Cyber Bullying, Network Security, Hacker Attacks, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and, Important Documents, Cyber Fraud Security Training, Stalkers, Scammers, Infidelity, Transcripts, Criminal Record / Mugshot Removal, Credit Repair, And much more we always stay ten steps ahead and safety is important.

Our clients include

Athletes from the NBA, NFL and MLB; small and large company’s, politicians, government agencies, international law firms, medical institutions, educational institutes as well as consumers.

Our Team Members

have been experts on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News Network, BBC, Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal, and over 50 more international media outlets.

Hacking is not a crime, contrary to what you may have heard, Ethical Hacking can have some very positive outcomes. True hackers have helped build most of the technology you use today. We are the only most efficient hacker for hire company with more satisfied clients than we can count. 

 Unfaithful ex-partners, scheming work mates, noisy neighbors, stupid classmates, unfair teachers and superiors, mobbing colleagues, tricky business partners, incompetent politicians … and sometimes even your friends, who disappointed or deceived you.

We know 99% of these hackers are FAKE. That’s why we are called REAL HACKERS. with each Consultation we will show you proof.

Treat yourself to a little payback, believe me, you will feel alot better!

CONTACT Customer Service: (954)-281-2999


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