Hacking Services

✔ Social Media Password Recovery – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter /Pinterest / Snapchat / Reddit / Tumblr / Flickr / LinkedIn / Skype / TikTok.

  ✔ Email Recovery – Google, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Yandex, Proton, ZoHo, Mail, iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Imap.

 ✔ Remove Bad – Google, Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, Tripadvisor, Yellowpages, Better Business Bureau, Manta, Foursquare, Angies List, Reddit. Reviews. Ripoff Report.

  ✔ Buy Good – Google, Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, Tripadvisor, Yellowpages, Better Business Bureau, Manta, Foursquare, Angies List, Reddit.

  ✔ Remove Arrest Records/Mugshots Mugshots – Removal of Felonies, Misdemeanors from state databases and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, & Interpol.

 ✔ Catfish Investigations – We will find out if the person is real. And get the true identity of them including every dark secret they are hiding and expose them to the world.

  ✔ Infidelity Investigations – We will get you all there Social Media Account Passwords. Get you there Email Passwords. Run GPS on there phone and Mirror there Cellphones in Realtime so you can watch everything. And as far as the person there Cheating on you with we will take good care of them.

  ✔ Cyber Flirt Agents – There are some cases that require no physical presence of a Honey Trap Agent. In these cases, our new Cyber Flirt Package has proven its value. The Cyber Flirt Agents have been trained heavily in digital communication. The center uses e-mail, text, Facebook as well as other social networking sites to develop a relationship with the spouse. You will be emailed copies of all communications from both to and from your spouse. This will allow you to decide the scope of the conversations and when you have the proof that you need.

The Cyber Flirt Center has had a success rate of over 96% and a 100% customer satisfaction. Do not live with uncertainty any longer. Let the Cyber Flirt Center give you the answers that will allow you to move forward with your life.

  ✔ Credit Repair – Equifax, Experian, TransUnion – LifeLock, Credit Karma, Lifelock. Remove Debt change Score within 24 hours

 ✔ DMV – Drivers License – Restore Points, Remove infractions. Reinstate, Renew, DUI, Suspensions.

  ✔ University Grading system – Increase GPA or Make adjustment to your college grades, transcripts.

  ✔ Mobile Hack – Remote access on iPhone’s, Androids, Windows Platforms.

 ✔ Mirror Mobile Phone – activities on all applications running on the phones in Real-time to any phone number.

 ✔ Drone & Aerial Surveillance – Video Surveillance Indoor & Aerial.

✔ Web / Database Hacking – Hack any database and clone database and create local access.

✔ Software Cracking – Modify paid software. Crack Software to premium version. Paid Android Apps & Games with unlimited coins.

✔ PlayStation / XBOX – Mod console’s & Clone Games & Cheats

 ✔ Bug Sweep & Bug Detection ( TSCM )– We focuses on target areas such as C-Suites, boardrooms, conference rooms, executive homes, and off-site meeting locations. Additionally, these corporate bug sweeps are performed on a regular basis such as quarterly and many times offer 24/7 monitoring. To increase the probability of detection.

 ✔ Birth Certificate / Social Security – Create new birth certificate along with new SS #. Clients looking for new identity use this alot.

✔ Locate Missing People

  • Long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.
  • Fugitives you need to find
  • Debtors for your money
  • Missing persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case.
  • Runaways and minors who have been kidnapped.

 ✔ Cyber Bullying – Have you been cyber bullied or cyber stalked ?. We can identity who is stalking and bullying you online. After identifying the person or group we can take appropriate actions you may like.

 ✔ Extortion – We will track them down. Identity them and we guarantee what ever damage that was down they will pay you back plus extra for putting you through the stress.

✔ Cyber Extortion –

  • Your ex-is threatening to post nude photos of you.
  • Someone have posted false information about you or your business
  • Someone has stolen your company information and wants money to return it.

✔ Cyber Fraud – Have you been scammed ?. Did you purchase or service online and never received your product.

We can help locate the person that scammed you anywhere in the world.

✔ Espionage

  • Communications intelligence (COMINT)
  • Financial intelligence (FININT)
  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT)
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT)
  • Technical intelligence (TECHINT)

✔ Untraceable Phones – Selling of untraceable phones

even the pentagon can not track our phones )

 ✔ Revenge –

  • Revenge On An Ex Lover
  • Revenge On An Ex Friend
  • Revenge On A Boss
  • Revenge On A Co-Worker
  • Revenge On A Neighbor
  • Someone You Hate

✔ Tracking –

  • Track a stolen computer
  • Track a stolen iPhone or Android phone
  • Track a person



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